My name is Charlotte, im from New Zealand and I’m 16 years old.  

My weight loss has taken around about a year so far. I still have a way to go fitness wise but I am really starting to see a difference in my appearance. 


Height in all photos 162 CM

HW: 68 KGS

CW: 58 

GW: 56/ what ever weight i feel fit, healthy and strong at. 

The difference between the top two photos is seven kgs and around seven months difference. (66-59 kgs)

Middle photos around nine months, alot of squats and eight kgs difference.  (66-58 Kgs) 

Last photos are taken around ten months apart and have a total difference of nine kgs. (67-58 Kgs) 

My health and fitness blog can be found here http://we-can-and-we-will.tumblr.com

This was done through alot of trial and era. I have completely changed my eating habits. I have been vegetarian for the past seven years now but have only just (in the past year) learnt about what my body actually needs protein wise. I have spent many hours at the gym and stirring pots of quinoa. I am so happy with the progress I have made so far and feel so much better because of it. I still want to gain more muscle and keep increasing my overall fitness.

I could not have done this with out the fitblr community on tumblr or without the help of my best friend Cass who i share my fitblr with.  

If you have any questions about my weight loss my ask is always open! 

Thanks so much for reading! :) 

(Source: we-can-and-we-will)

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